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No blue jeans allowed

It was about 7am and we were huddled around a computer at Starbucks on P Street NW, next door to the old location for a Pacers Running store. We were pouring over slides for our first seminar that was about to kick off in an hour. We'd arranged for food delivery, the Pacers staff was opening the store early, and we were filming the whole thing. We had a pile of notecards at the ready, and hours spent perfecting our slideshow for the DC Triathlon Club Elite Team and athletes from District Multisport (then Bikerack Multisport).

Turnout was really great with standing room only, everyone listening intently. We introduced ourselves and everyone was listening intently. Only about 15 minutes into our hour-long presentation, we were already tired of hearing ourselves talk.

Everyone has been there, watching the minutes tick away, wondering who is benefitting from a boring powerpoint presentation. Somebody worked hard on those slides but they aren't really teaching, they are reading them to you. And the only thing keeping you there is the hope that you will receive some of those slides in the end.

We stopped talking about slides and started learning about people. We pushed the chairs aside and got in a big circle around the store. Eveyrone was engaged, talking about their ailments, asking questions, getting sweaty doing exercises, and getting to know each other. Everyone had an incredible time, including us. That was the first and last time we used powerpoint at Rose.

At Rose we don't do powerpoint presentations and we don't bore you with stuff you already know. We give active seminars that are tailored to each participant. So when you come to a seminar at Rose, be ready to get active. Bring a pair of shorts and leave the blue jeans at home. :)