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Chelsea Chmel Physical Therapist

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Active Release Techniques (ART)
Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN)

As a physical therapist at Rose Physical Therapy Group, I am thankful to practice how I have always wanted to, with true personalized care.

It has been a life goal to become a physical therapist, after my own experiences with injuries growing up as a competitive dancer. I remember my first experience at a physical therapy clinic as a twelve-year-old with no idea what to expect. I hoped I could return to dancing soon. What I loved then and now about physical therapy is treating patients to recover without the use of medications, and with using exercises and manual techniques that don’t have any side effects.

I enjoy working at Rose because of our focus on quality of care. I love the ability to focus on my clients for our hour long sessions. My goal is to make my treatments completely client-centered, individualized, efficient, and fun, using cutting edge and evidence-based techniques.

My treatment passions are general orthopedics, especially back, hip, and pelvic pain, women’s health physical therapy including pre and post-partum and incontinence, and treating dancers like myself.

In my spare time, you can find me spending time with my friends and family, confusing people with my identical twin, exploring local restaurants and breweries, paddle-boarding, and cuddling my English Bulldog, Dale.

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