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Dr. Sahil Khan, DPT Physical Therapist

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Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN)

I vividly remember my first injury and experience with physical therapy. I was 14 years old and dealing with a sharp pain in my heel every time I sprinted on the soccer field. It wasn’t getting better with rest and it was preventing me from playing competitively. Thankfully, I was recommended to a physical therapist and I immediately started to see the power of this profession. Not only did my PT help with my pain, she was a great teacher and motivator. She helped me regain confidence to fully return to the field and play one of my best years of soccer.

Growing up in Seattle, I was a multisport athlete playing basketball, baseball, and running cross country, but soccer was my main passion growing up. I played club soccer and traveled all over the state of Washington for tournaments, and went on to play club soccer in college. Living a very active lifestyle, I’ve experienced my fair share of injuries.

With each injury, I gained more knowledge about how my body works thanks to some amazing physical therapists (who inspired me to enter the field). Prior to obtaining my Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Washington (go Dawgs!) I worked as a personal trainer and fell in love with the gym and working in a one-on-one setting. This influenced my desire to treat in an orthopedic & sports physical therapy environment over the last few years.

While I treat a variety of conditions, I’m well-versed in sports injuries and guiding patients through post-surgery rehabilitation. Outside of patient care, I love teaching and I’m a clinical instructor for student physical therapists. I’m proud to be mentoring the next generation of physical therapists on their way to becoming excellent clinicians. These days, you’ll find me spending more time in the gym, on the golf course, or in the mountains snowboarding than on a sports field (although, I’m very useful if your soccer team finds itself in need of a player). With these sports near to my heart, I enjoy helping gym & Crossfit athletes, golfers, and snowboarders stay active at their box, course, and mountain of choice.

As a massive football (and futbol) fan, you might spot me at a Commanders game, but know my loyalties reside with my Seattle sports teams. My wife is from the DC area so we’re not total strangers to the restaurant/drinks scene, but I’m very open to recommendations from any fellow foodies.

I’m thrilled to have found a my community at Rose Physical Therapy. To my current and future patients, I’m grateful for the opportunity to help you feel your best and engage in the activities you love.

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