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Priska Weibel Physical Therapist

Active Release Techniques - ART
Trigger Point Dry Needling - TDN
Ergonomic Assessments

I am a generalist in physical therapy and have three years of experience in the in-patient hospital setting with neurological disorders like strokes and traumatic brain injuries before joining the outpatient team at Rose.

What I enjoy most about Rose is the commitment to continuing education to help me and all our therapists develop our skills. I am certified in Active release technique (ART), Trigger Point Dry Needling and McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis (MDT) for lower back, as well as FMS/SFMA. I am also skilled at ergonomics analysis and I am particularly interested in posture and its relation to our way of living as well as treating spine and lower limb related issues. 

I moved from Geneva, Switzerland to join the team at Rose and I am fluent in French. Having grown up in the Alps, I am passionate about outdoors and mountain related sports, particularly hiking, skiing and snowboarding; and I have been skiing since the age of two. Although further away from the Alps now, I still enjoy leaving the city to go backpacking in the Appalachians or Rockies. I also enjoy lap swimming and can be found at Wilson Pool.

My husband and I live in Logon Circle and we just welcomed our first child, a son, to our family.

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