Performance Enhancement through Movement Analysis

Athletes usually want to get stronger and faster.  You can invest time and money into training, racing, new gear, smart devices, and so on, but most athletes overlook the care and tune-ups required for their most important asset – their own body.  Without consistent care muscles can learn impaired, inefficient movement patterns and compensation strategies for weaknesses.

At RosePT you get a closer relationship, and it makes a difference.

Well, it’s been a quiet week here at Lake Slowbegone, our hometown, out on the edge of Farragut Square. Come to think of it, it’s been more than a week. Let’s just check the ol’ date stamp on the last blog post…five months. Wow. We just blew right through nap time, didn’t we.

The Importance of Getting a Run Assessment

by RosePT therapist, Holli Finnerin, DPT and member of Team Snapple Elite Triathlon Team

Snapple Elite Training Camp at Lost River Barn

RosePT is the official spnosor of Team Snapple, which is an elite and amature triathlon team focused on building the triathlon community and also on fielding a competitive team at events. A focus on results and fun matches our approach exactly, so we love supporting this group of athletes and friends!

Top 5 Ways To Avoid Injuries While Ice Skating This Holiday Season

The temperatures are cooling, hats and scarves are permanent fixtures in your wardrobe, and December 21 is rapidly approaching.  For all intents and purposes, it’s officially winter in DC!

This inevitably means taking advantage of one of the most popular winter activities available in the District – ice skating!  DCist recently posted a great list of all of the ice skating rinks in and around the district for this winter.  But before you lace up, make sure to read this list of 5 ways to avoid injury on the ice.

Having fun at the Pacers Fun Run!

We have been working with Pacers behind the scenes for a little while now, treating managers and staff so they would know how high quality our physical therapy is. Tonight we finally got to do an event and it was pretty awesome!

Our local Pacers location is in Logan Circle on P Street. They have a great location that is a hub for runners in the area. This location has fun runs on Mondays. It also happened to be the night of packet pickup for a Turkey Trot race. 

District Crossfit ProAm - Charity Event for the Navy Yard

District Crossfit hosted a charity event at their new location in Southwest DC across the street from the Nationals baseball park. We really wanted to support this event because the Navy Yard is our home. We live a block from where the shootings happened. We have patients who work in the building where it happened. And our friends were directly touched by this event, losing loved ones. We put everything we have into every event patient, but there was just something more emotional about supporting this particular event.

High Profile: Rollin' with the Casserole Queens

We love highlighting our interesting patients on our blog! So when we had the chance to work with Sandy, Casserole Queen, celebrity chef and author, we couldn't pass it up. We love Sandy because, regardless of your childhood, her dishes bring back the nostalgia and warmth that everyone yearns for. It's really the stuff of hollywood endings mixed with style and grace, and the right amount of sass to keep it interesting! 

For endurance athletes, it's all in the details.

In 2010 we were in Kona for the Ironman World Championships. I was competing in the race of my dreams and anxious to turn in a solid performance. I had trained as best as I could with a busy work schedule, and expected a time of around 11 hours--not good, but not shabby for a difficult, hot race. 

Back pain? Call your physical therapist first.

So you’ve hurt your back.  You lifted something the wrong way, bent down to pick up the newspaper and felt a twinge, stepped off a curb, or even got into a car accident. Where can you get help for that nagging pain in your back?

At some point in your life there is a 70-80% chance that you will experience some type back pain.   Each year, Americans spend more than $50 billion dollars on treatments related to back pain, alone.   There are so many options and so many opinions about what you should do for treatment, but what works? 

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