We set the bar for great physical therapy.


One-on-one treatment with an experienced, licensed physical therapist.

We believe patients should be given the highest care, all the time. That's why we treat you one-on-one with a licensed therapist. The difference between good and great physical therapy is in the details. Our therapy is tailored to you on a continuous basis, adapting to your symptoms. The result is you faster, permanent recovery.

In addition to treatment one-on-one, our patients receive direct, HIPAA compliant email so they can maintain communication with their therapist.  We know that sometimes problems happen when you aren't in the clinic and we're here to support you.

The best physical therapists in Washington, D.C., period.

Our therapists are the only physical therapists in Washington, DC who are certified by outside medical personnel to perform specilized diagnosis and therapy that gets you better, faster.

The most highly trained physical therapists are trained in the McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis &Therapy (MDT). Certification in McKenzie takes years of training and includes hours of practical study on patients. The certification shows that you have reached the highest level in the physical therapy world. That's why we are often the choice for other physical therapists for referrals. We have the experience and knowledge base to work with you to help meet your physical therapy needs.

Our therapists are also certified in Active Release Techniques (ART), a specialized soft tissue massage technique that is effective for Ironman endurance athletes and is partnered with the Ironman WTC Corporation. We are also certified in trigger point dry needling (TDN) and we are the only physical therapy clinic in the region practicing biofeedback to enhance therapy.

We take insurance

We are in-network with Blue Cross / Blue Shield. We process claims from any insurance company. And we will help you to understand your insurance benefits.

Amazing facilities

We provide you with a unique, state-of-the art facility. Our equipment is among the best anywhere, including an aquatic treadmill, full lockerrooms for strenuous therapy sessions, in a setting that allows us to help you get well and teach you how to prevent future injury. From private treatment rooms to every piece of equipment you can imagine, we've got you covered.

Better hours

We offer appointments from early in the morning to late at night to accommodate your workday. We also have full lockerrooms with towel service, so you can rehab as hard as you want and get then back to your day.

Great location

We are located directly at the Farragut North metro station (red line). We're two blocks from Farragut West metro station (orange and blue lines). We're also convenient to Dupont Circle, the White House, and Foggy Bottom.

Our patients love us

Rose Physical Therapy Group was founded to provide the best physical therapy care you can get, anywhere. Here is what our patients have to say. Read patient testimonials.