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About health insurance for physical therapy

All appointments at Rose Physical Therapy Group are one on one for one hour with a doctor of physical therapy. Cost of appointments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Rose Physical Therapy Group is $250 for an evaluation and $170 for a treatment session, prices subject to change at the sole discretion of Rose Physical Therapy in Washington, DC.

As a courtesy at no additional charge we will send claims to your insurance company for you. If you are eligible for reimbursement, you will get that automatically. Reimbursements vary depending on your insurance plan.

All of our doctors are great! Our doctors have years of clinical practice, expertise as well as many specializations. They are highly skilled and competent with complex cases, needs and issues.  

Why we are out of network with all insurances:

In short, insurance companies do not pay enough to appropriately compensate our doctors of physical therapy for their years of dedication, experience, expertise and investment in their education. Nor does insurance reimburse enough for us to operate a sustainable business with the care and attention that we give at all levels. 

We strongly encourage all clients to file complaints with their insurance carriers that they do not reimburse doctors of physical therapy a level that is appropriate for our level of knowledge and expertise. More and more physical therapists are being forced to go out of network with all insurance companies. We are doing our best to bridge the gap by submitting claims for you and by providing the best care!