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Longer appointments make a big difference.

What makes our clinic so special is our relationship with our patients. Like any business, it's really the people who make it work. At Rose, our entire business is built around personal relationships. It starts with giving our patients a full one-hour of one-on-one time with our therapists, each of whom have more skill and expertise than pretty much anyone in the region. More time and singular focus allows us to really get to the root of your problem so that we aren't just treating symptoms. In addiiton, that time and focus allows our therapists to really bring their full skillset to bare on your injuries, giving you the best diagnosis possible.

You might wonder how this is different from other medical care? Well, standard industry practice is to load each therapist up with three patients at the same time, and to allow them to treat for about 15 minutes--the rest of the time you are off exercising on your own or working with a technician. Typically, these therapist lack extra training which really is the key to diagnosis. Or, in the case of an orthopedic surgeon, they simply lack the time necessary to diagnose.

We simply believe that in medicine, you should focus on the patient first. It starts with the one-on-one relationship and providing enough time for our therapists to really get to know you and your injuries, your goals, and how to integrate therapy into your life. We're all about treatment and we refer you outside for personal training, if you need it.

And one last thought: everyone sorta knows that this is the important "stuff" of medical care. So everyone advertises it and talks about it. But when you look around, how many clinics are actually doing it?