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We set the bar for great physical therapy

Amazing facilities
All people are welcome in our clinics. Great thought and care has gone into the design and layout of our facilities.  We are one of the only physical therapy offices to offer private treatment rooms for every therapist and every detail has been taken into consideration.From treadmills that feel like running outside to a seltzer water station, our facilities are second to none. Our offices are clean and welcoming. Our goal is an environment that inspires wellness for everyone.  We have a shoes-off policy to help keep our floors clean but also to make our office feel like home. 
Love How You Feel
We take our motto seriously. We want every interaction with our team to be positive. Love How You Feel is most obviously in reference to your physical wellness. Of course we want you to feel physical improvement from what ever issue has brought you in for physical therapy. But Love How You Feel extends far beyond that. We want you to feel educated about your condition and empowered in active participation for your own wellness. We are multifaceted in our approach to wellness and our amazing staff is to help you to Love How You Feel!