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Knickknack Underachiever

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My name is Knickknack, I'm a calico tabby, and I'm the Rose PT clinic President...err, I mean cat (but I will rule the clinic one day!). My philosophy on life is that you never know who cares for you and loves you until you connect with family, and that's what I did when I found Rose.

I love working at Rose because the clinic is so patient oriented. Everyone is happy and having a good time! When is the last time you saw that in a medical office? The appointments are so interactive and you can really feel the connections that our one-on-one appointments allow to happen between the clinicians and patients. It is that big happy family I always wanted.

At Rose I like to think of myself as the Director of Quality Control. Although I'm a teleworker, I really like keeping tabs on how our patients are doing by following Rose on social media. Without an arduous commute, teleworking really gives me more time to live my life. In addition to allowing me more time to checkout the awesome Rose YouTube channel, working from home affords me approximately 27 naps per day. With all that napping, sometimes people still try to pet me. I approve of a few cursory pets because I am generous with my fans, and generally I allow for exactly three pets at a time. I have never found the people from Rose to have anything less than the best of quality petting.

I'm originally from Rock Creek Park right here in Washington, DC. I was abandoned at birth but found my forever home with the help of the Humane Rescue Alliance. My family met me at a foster home and immediately signed the adoption papers. While I feel lucky about that, I also think they are lucky to have me! On weekends my favorite places to go are the Washington National Cathedral or Eastern Market, where I enjoy delicious brunch before a nice stroll. Sometimes I also enjoy going to Great Falls and the C&O Canal path. 

You could say that I was educated in the school of life. But I wouldn't change a thing, I live the best life at Rose because the people there love me and everyone. And that's what life is all about.


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