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Banded desk exercises to improve your workday health and wellness

Four banded physical therapy exercises that you can do in your office during your workday. 

Doctors at Rose Physical Therapy created four exercises that you can do throughout your workday as preventative for injuries, including: shoulder external rotation and press, standing hip flexor march, banded foot star taps, and banded squats.

Exercise 1: Shoulder external rotation and press

The Shoulder External Rotation and Press is a dynamic exercise that targets the shoulder muscles, particularly the rotator cuff and deltoids. To perform this exercise, one typically uses a resistance band. The first part involves pulling the band apart with both hands, which engages the external rotators of the shoulders. This action helps to strengthen these muscles and improve shoulder stability. Maintaining that tension in the band, the individual then transitions into a pressing motion, pushing their arms overhead. This combination of external rotation and pressing not only works the muscles involved in shoulder rotation but also engages the deltoids and other supporting muscles, promoting overall shoulder strength and mobility. It's a great exercise for improving shoulder health and function, especially for individuals that sit at a desk most of the day.


Exercise 2: Standing hip flexor march

The Standing Hip Flexor March is a beneficial exercise that targets the hip flexors while promoting stability and core engagement. By placing a resistance band around their feet and maintaining a neutral torso and stabilized pelvis, the individual can perform a marching motion, lifting their knees alternately. This movement helps to activate and strengthen the hip flexor muscles, which can become tight and weak from prolonged sitting, especially for office workers who spend extended periods seated at a desk. The resistance band adds an extra challenge, requiring the muscles to work against resistance throughout the movement. Regularly incorporating this exercise into a routine can help relieve tension in the hip flexors, improve hip mobility, and contribute to better posture and overall lower body strength.


Exercise 3: Banded foot star taps

The Banded Foot Star tap is a dynamic exercise that targets the hip muscles and promotes mobility and stability. By placing a resistance band around their feet, the individual engages in a series of hip movements in three different directions: moving the hip backward and diagonally, straight out to the side, and forward and diagonally. These movements activate various muscles, including the hip abductors, flexors, and extensors. By working these muscles through multi-directional movements, the exercise can counteract tightness, weakness, and potential discomfort or pain incurred by the office workers who spend a significant amount of time seated at a desk.


Exercise 4: Banded squats

The Banded Squat is a highly effective exercise for targeting the lower body, particularly the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, while also promoting proper knee alignment and stability. By placing a resistance band just below the knees, the individual is encouraged to maintain optimal knee alignment during the squatting motion. This positioning helps prevent the knees from collapsing inward, which can often happen due to weak hip abductors and external rotators. By actively pushing against the resistance band throughout the squat, the individual engages these supporting muscles, leading to improved activation of the glutes and enhanced overall squat mechanics. For office workers who spend extended periods sitting at a desk, the Banded Squat can reduce muscle imbalances and weakness, which can contribute to poor posture, lower back pain, and reduced lower body strength.


How to implement these exercises into your work day?

After learning these exercises through the videos, the next step is their integration into your work day. We recommend that you set a timer and work each exercise into your day. Schedules differ based on the day and project, so only you can setting realistic times to do your exercises is important so that you can remain consistent 


What if I need more information?

For any questions or advice, or if you are suffering any lingering pains, give us a call at Rose Physical Therapy and we will do our best to take care of you. That is what we are here for!