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Fastest most effective training to return to sport

As physical therapists working with many motivated, athletic people around Washington, DC, we are always looking for the most efficient ways to help clients recover and build strength quickly but safely so they can return to sport or even just daily life activities.

Blood flow restriction training is the most efficient addition to regular strength training. It produces very fast strength gains through hypertrophy of muscle, or increased muscle size, without high weights or workload.

Blood flow restriction uses repetitive bodyweight movements such as squats, calf raises, curls, and other exercises with no external weights to build muscle in the same way as someone would if he or she was lifting weights at a one rep max.

BFR can make a big difference for pt because in physical therapy because we treat many post-surgical clients who may not be cleared to fully weight-bear or may have other movement restrictions. Also, our clients may be too weak to use weights, and body weight activities may be the best thing for them as they recover. BFR provides a viable solution to get them well quickly and effectively.

Using blood flow restriction for this population and others who experience slow muscle building, muscle atrophy, or simply athletes who want to improve performance in their sport is very helpful and shortens the recovery process.

When we use blood flow restriction as a therapist, the surgeon is always surprised by the progress made in such a short time. We have observed this many times in trainig for return to sport after knee surgeries.

If you have experienced surgery or injury and need to build strength fast or return to sport quickly, or just recover from injury quickly, BFR at Rose Physical Therapy can make a tremendous difference in your recovery process. At Rose Physical Therapy we offer BFR at all our clinic locations in Washington, DC in both Navy Yard/Capitol Hill and also in downtown DC between Dupont Circle and Farragut Square. Keeping our clinics on the cutting edge of physical medicine and rehab science is central to our mission, so when we find recovery methods that are quicker and also effective, it is natural for Rose Physcial Therapy to incorporate these methods into our treatment methodology.