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Having fun at the Pacers Fun Run!

We have been working with Pacers behind the scenes for a little while now, treating managers and staff so they would know how high quality our physical therapy is. Tonight we finally got to do an event and it was pretty awesome!

Our local Pacers location is in Logan Circle on P Street. They have a great location that is a hub for runners in the area. This location has fun runs on Mondays. It also happened to be the night of packet pickup for a Turkey Trot race. 

Leading up to the event, we only put a notice on facebook just a few hours prior to the start. Because it was the first time we were working an event, and because it's holiday season, we didn't think that we'd see to many people. But we were pleasantly surprised to get a few quick emails right before setting up, and we were even more surpised at the turnout! Wow!

In the short time we were there, we treated about 12 people and really had a great time meeting everyone. We ended up staying about 40 minutes later, making sure everyone was treated. We had some great questions, especially about running gait analysis.

Rose Physical Therapy has one of the most advanced running analysis programs in the region. Combined with biofeedback to measure muscle contraction, we can provide some of the best measurements possible. As with everything we do at RosePT, we went all out on setting up a top notch system that could really help our patients progress toward pain free enjoyment of running. 

Although there was an official group fun run, runners stopped by throughout the time we were at Pacers, getting set for another individual run. The fun run was a 3-miler. It's so convenient to have Pacers right here to provide running advice, water, and we were happy to compliment them with some additional physical therapy expertise from the medical side.

We had so much fun meeting you all and we're looking forward to doing more events with Pacers. It just makes sense for local businesses to work together in our Washington, DC neighborhood.

If you missed out, please friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so that you can keep up with our events.

ps- Pacers had a cool book about the Marine Corps Marathon on their desk. We thought this picture of The Awakening at Hains Point (now moved to National Harbor) was cool: