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Recover from ACL injuries faster with blood flow restriction (BFR)

Rose Physical Therapy Group is proud to offer the fastest route to ACL recovery. Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery, which often involves the ACL and MCL repair, is an arduous process that can take a very long time. However professionals often experience a faster recovery becasue they have access to more tools. One tool used by pro athletes is known as blood flow restriction, and now it is available to everyone in the Washington, DC area.

What is blood flow restriction (BFR)?

BFR involves controlled use of a tourniquet to decrease blood flow to a limb. Once in place our clients then work through a protocol of exercises aiming to fatigue the muscles. The benefits of BFR mean we can use a much lighter load to get to fatigue because of the metabolic stress on the muscles without physically overstressing them. This technique stimulates what we call hypertrophy which means increasing the size of muscles cells, similar to the effect of a higher intensity workout, in a shorter amount of time and with much lower load/resistance.

Why do we use it for ACL rehab?

A lot of research supports the use of BFR in ACL rehab for quicker recovery of strength and return to function. After an ACL surgery we often see clients with significant leg weakness due to a number of factors. BFR training allows us to start strengthening sooner after surgery with lower load and stress on the knee itself. Traditional rehab requires a much slower return to strengthening. This technique allows us to get you started on regaining your function even when you may still have weight bearing limitations or other movement restrictions. Because the loads are lower, you typically feel no pain but will still feel challenged and will start seeing those strength gains pretty quickly. We follow a very specific protocol to allow for optimal effectiveness and hopefully getting you back to what you love sooner.

If you are having an ACL repair surgery, consider coming to see us afterwards to try out BFR as part of your recovery. We have locations Downtown and in the Navy Yard and have the best physical therapists in DC.