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Video Conference Physical Therapy Now Available at Rose Physical Therapy

Video conferencing appointments are now available at Rose Physical Therapy Group in Washington, DC. These appointments, sometimes referred to as telehealth, are offered as a dramatic benefit to our clients who may not be able to come to our clinic. The benefits of a video conference appointment include:

  • Save time on travel, parking, and other incidentals associated with coming to an office.
  • You do not need a referral in most instances.
  • Scheduling a telehealth appointment at Rose PT is fast and easy.
  • Appointments can be conducted anywhere you have an internet connection, such as the comfort of your home. We recommend a quiet, private environment.
  • Call us at 202-630-0378 or email to schedule an appointment and understand your costs.
  • A licensed therapist will be available at your appointment time in a private video meeting room.

A virtual appointment at Rose is extremely convenient. Rose will send you a link to join our virtual meeting room where you will meet with your therapist at the time of your appointment. The meetings are private and HIPPA compliant.

What is the value of a virtual appointment?

Physical therapists at Rose are uniquely qualified to answer your questions and direct you on a route to recovery from injury in a virtual environment. We have many skills--more than any other clinic in the DC area--that allow us to provide direction appropriate to getting on the path to recovery without having physical contact with you. 

In your appointment we can assess both new and old issues, and we will prescribe homework to do. We can accomplish a lot over video conferencing and conduct testing more rapidly through homework because you are presumably located in an area where homework can be done. At a lower price point, we can also do more appointments and check-ins with your therapist. We will miss the ability to do physical testing of injuries, but there is more to physical therapy than palpating an injured area.

It is also important to note that a physical therapist can help you know the right exercises to do to help get well. Many people confuse physical therapy with training because it is common to include exercises in plans of care. But there is much more to physical therapy than just exercises and working with a therapist can help you target the right programs to avoid injury. 

Telehealth physical therapy may be covered by your Health Savings Account (HSA).

You must contact your Health Savings Plan (HSA) administrators to determine whether a virtual physical therapy telehealth appointment is covered.

Virtual Appointments / Telehealth empowers you to be free from injury.

The biggest advantage of a telehealth appointment is it empowers you to help yourself. Our goal is ALWAYS to give you the tools to help yourself. Telehealth is the ultimate thing you can do to feel better and stay active during this time of isolation and inactivity!