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Building our community in Washington, DC through physical therapy

We started Rose because we couldn't find what we do anywhere else. That's a big statement about healthcare, and you can find pieces of Rose everywhere in our medical system. But we took those peices and built a system that is more personal for our clients and our team at Rose, more supportive of the community, and a better place to work. We think of it as getting back to what medicine was meant to be. 

Rose is a place where you can take stock of the things you need and become your own advocate. That commitment extends to both our clients and members of our team. We've built a special place that we love, and hope you'll love, too. It's unlike anything you've seen before, it's personal, and it provides you with a good feeling.

"Our goal at Rose is that you will love how you feel, hopefully after every appointment."

Our goal at Rose is that you will love how you feel, hopefully after every appointment. We really mean that, and we back it up with the most experiened, well-trained professionals in the industry. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled and demonstrated through our emphasis on peer-reviewed continuing education for our team. That is, it's not enough that our team members are top graduates with doctorates becuase education is just the start. We are true academics who continue to study and learn and push evidenced-based medicine to support our clients and satisfy our need to learn and provide top quality care. If it's a weekend, its likely a Rose therapist is attending a seminar to advance their understanding of human physiology. We don't just learn one specialty, we don't just take one class and apply it in a vaccuum. At Rose we learn more than one so we can critique ourselves, push ourselves to be better, to help you feel better and take control of whatever it is that brought you to us in the first place. You come to us because we are the experts in physical therapy. 

Our offices are not only places where we work, they are places where we live. We work and live in downtown Washington, DC. We shop there. We meet there for business. We hang out with friends and family. Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Columbus Circle, Washington Circle--they are the wheels that bring our community together. Likewise we enjoy the Washington Navy Yard and Capitol Hill. We have been longtime residents of the Navy Yard, enjoying everything that the Capitol Riverfront, Eastern Market, and Capitol Hill have to offer. So we opened a second office there to help our neighborhood because downtown DC can have a lot of traffic. And both our current spaces are setup for seminars, events, and community workshops to support you, our community. 

Let me tell you more about our values in the video above (click the play arrow on the picture), where I share our history, our family, and I provide a foundational vision for where we are headed. I hope it gives you some insight into our raison d'etre and why we're excited to come to work every single day to help you feel better and live a fuller life.

Love how you feel in washington dc at rose physical therapy