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Dry Needling helps Athletes

Trigger point Dry needling (often referred to as “TPDN”) is technique that uses tiny needles to release muscles. The technique is considered highly effective by physical therapists worldwide. Finding a physical therapist who is an expert in dry needling can dramatically affect your recovery.

Something unique to Rose Physical Therapy Group here in Washington, DC is that all of our physical therapists in are trained in dry needling. We frequently use dry needling to help athletes complete a wide variety of events. But our use of dry needling is not limited to athletes because any trigger point can be treated with dry needling.

physical therapist preparing shoulder for dry needling

How do you know if dry needling is right for you?

Here are three key reasons an athlete should consider dry needling:

  1. You want to target the tissue that is the source of your pain. Dry needling is a technique that is minimally invasive. Rose physical therapists can directly target a trigger point without bruising surrounding tissue, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of our treatments.
  2. You want pain relief that does not involve medication. Taking pain killers can mask injuries for a little while, but they don’t fix the problem. By using dry needling you can address the problem with pin point precision and remove the source of the pain.
  3. You want pain relief that’s long lasting. By removing the source of the pain, dry needling can provide the lasting pain relief you are looking for.

Dry needling is a wonderful alternative to try before searching for invasive procedures like surgery. Little down time is necessary after dry needling. After a needling session you can return to normal function immediately. Athletes require very little time off from their activity of choice, so they can keep training and working out while receiving treatment. In addition, dry needling does not require use of medication, so those in search of alternative treatment methods should consider this option before turning to pain medication.


physical therapy dry needling shoulder washington dc


Trigger point dry needling can provide lasting pain relief. I have noticed that patients who achieve short term relief with massage or foam rolling respond particularly well to dry needling.

If you are an athlete and are looking for an alternative, effective treatment method, dry needling could be the right treatment for you. Give us a call at Rose to setup an appointment at either our Washington, DC offices at the Farragut Square / Dupont Circle or Navy Yard / South Capitol metro stops.


physical therapy dry needling washington dc