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Healthcare and other benefits

Keep track of other more basic benefits that can impact your happiness and your financial freedom in your new job. Do you need a high level of health insurance coverage, yourself? Do you use bikeshare for commuting and transportation? The amount of benefits can be linked to the investment the clinic makes in its employees. For instance, a clinic that does not provide short term disability options internally might be less invested than a clinic that does. This is something that might be important for you to figure out, and to know whether you would prefer to work in a clinic that is more invested versus one where you are treated more like a contractor.

These are the basic benefits that you can line up on a spreadsheet and prioritize for yourself:

  • Are you a contract employee or salary employee?
  • 401(k) or retirement savings with an additional contribution from your employer? Some physical therapy clinics may elect to give employees a bonus by matching a percentage of their retirement savings with an additional contribution.
  • Speaking of bonuses, if those are available, are they actually attainable while maintaining a positive quality of life?
  • Does the physical therapy clinic offer medical or health insurance? Is the cost of medical insurance discounted, are there limited plans, how do you sign up for insurance?
  • Does the clinic provide vision and dental insurance and how much does that cost?
  • Are you expected to find many benefits externally, on your own?
  • Does the clinic offer short term disability to physical therapists and staff?
  • Are memberships in local clubs available, such as the DC Triathlon Club?
  • Does the clinic have discounts or offers to local gyms or an in-building gym?
  • Are there other fringe benefits such as snacks in the office, a nice computer to work on, a private treatment room for you to work, and other things that might make your day easier?
  • When are benefits available to new hires after they join the team? Sometimes retirement plans require time to vest and enrollment in benefits may be delayed. This may not impact joining a clinic, but it is something that you can consider and plan for.


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