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Style of Physical Therapy Care

Finding a model of care that works for your clients is essential to developing skills as a therapist. Continuing education and mentorship will play a major role in the style of care, especially the amount of focus on diagnostics. A few questions you might consider are:

  • How long are appointments?
  • How often are appointments scheduled?
  • How are clients scheduled?
  • Are clients double booked?
  • How much time can a therapist expect to spend with a client
  • When is documentation completed?
  • How easy is it to work in clients from a waitlist?
  • Regarding continuing education, how available are different treatments? For instance, is only one therapist in a clinic performing trigger point dry needling?

style of physical therapy care

At Rose our physical therapy clinic environment is entirely centered on our clients:

  • Rose physical therapy clients receive a full one hour appointment to allow for proper diagnosis and treatment in one visit.
  • We see clients only one-on-one, and we never double book.
  • Rose therapists control scheduling of clients, so that appointments account for client availability, injury severity, appointment affordability, and other aspects of treatment.
  • Therapists at Rose have substantial continuing education which enables them to employ multiple diagnostic methods and treatments concurrently. This means that more expertise goes into our appointments, and it also means that clients do not have to wait for one expert in the office who happens to do dry needling because every therapist at Rose is certified in trigger point dry needling, as one example.
  • Physical therapy at Rose is based in knowledge, not equipment. This allows Rose physical therapists to educate our clients so they can often treat themselves after they leave the clinic. This can reduce the number of appointments burden on clients and reduce their dependency on specialized or expensive equipment. Knowledge is power.

The style of care is a big contributor to burnout in the physical therapy industry, so we recommend prioritizing this aspect of your new position. 

If you are interested in applying to work at Rose, you can view our Careers page.