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What types of Clients does a physical therapy clinic treat

What type of client base you see at a clinic can impact your development as a therapist. Insurance often dictates your client base. For instance, some clinics are focused on Medicare and Medicaid and this will skew the patient population to an older age group. Clinics that accept only cash payments may result in the patient base being older, more established in their careers so they can afford to pay out of pocket for appointments. Accepting insurance typically allows for younger patient base who depend on insurance to keep costs down. These patient bases may have dramatically different levels and types of activities, associated injuries, and motivations to work with you to fix those injuries.

A few questions that might help you understand client base are:

  • How do patients pay for appointments and is insurance accepted by the clinic?
  • If insurance is accepted, does the clinic handle this or is it incumbent on the client to get reimbursed?
  • Regarding mentorship, is co-treatment an option for addressing challenging injuries?
  • Based on location, what kind of clients should you expect to make an appointment?

ironman finisher

cycling exercises


The Rose physical therapy client base is incredibly special.

  • Accepting insurance and filing insurance paperwork has been a focus for Rose from our inception. This means that we check clients benefits, explain them to the clients, and work with each client to understand their benefits. Understanding insurance can be challenging and we’re here to help our clients understand what benefits they have and how to work with them so they can get the care they need so that they too can ‘love how you feel’.
  • At Rose we have incredibly special clients who span all age ranges, from pediatrics to women’s health to office workers. From government civil servants or non-profit employees seeking to make a positive mark on the world, business people, high level athletes, women’s health, pediatric clients, or weekend warriors, by accepting most private health insurance we ensure that our clinic is relevant to most people in the community.
  • Rose therapists are experts at treating the more complex or challenging injuries. Giving our physical therapists advanced continuing education provides them with the tools to help clients, and this impacts everything from client education to scheduling so that we can get you ready for anything from a 5k to an ultramarathon or Ironman triathlon. 
  • Clients come to Rose because we can bring sufficient resources to understand complex or challenging injuries, and part of the reason for this is our mentorship program. Mentorship is always available as a co-treatment option for our therapists, or as background discussion of diagnosis and treatment of challenging injuries.
  • Ever notice that we only have “clients”? This is just a small indication of how we work with people to get them better. The term patient portrays someone as damaged, impaired and deficient, and implies a medical dictatorial view in which all expertise is with the therapist. But at Rose we value working with our clients, and our use of this word signifies how we work. A client has valuable expertise on what is best for them, and we value this as we work with them. This is a foundational ideal for Rose Physical Therapy.

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If you are interested in applying to work at Rose, you can view our Careers page.