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Women's History Month at Rose

In just a couple of days it will be March, which is Women's History Month. We are celebrating by profiling a different woman leader in our community every single day for the month of March. At the end of the month, we are also hosting a get together--for free--for the women who participated in our project and for anyone else who would like to attend from the public. The goal is to simply create a forum for women leaders to interact with anyone who would also like to interact with them.

This is not a political project. And it's easy to just look at our employee page and see that we are a female-dominated business, but that's not looking closely enough at what we stand for.

Empowering our community, both men and women, is crtical to our mission as a modern healthcare provider. It is essential to community health and community health is foundational for how we run our business.

We have been working on our Women's Month project for about a year and it has evolved during that time. It started with friends and branched out into the community. Our Washington, DC community is so diverse and so rich with impressive people that we felt compelled to take this massive project on. 

We hope you will tune in every day in March to our YouTube channel, which is where our videos will be viewable. Subscribe to our channel and check out our social media pages such as facebook and instagram for invitations to our end of the month celebration.